I'm Davian, and here are some of the things I've created and worked on. They would probably come back and haunt me in a few years' time...

Featured Projects

CloudySkies V2

CloudySkies V2 aims to improve on the first version of CloudySkies by focusing on backend enhancements

Work In Progress


CloudySkies is a web application that presents weather information sourced from Meteorological Service Singapore in an aesthetically pleasing manner

Active Project

SC Duty List

SC Duty List is a project made when I was in secondary school for my school's Student Councillors to use to easily check for their duty spots

Deprecated Project

O Level Countdown

O Level Countdown is a web application created to help users countdown to their O Level examination dates

Deprecated Project

MSS Heavy Rain Alerter

This Python code retrieves Heavy Rain warnings from MSS and relays it to Discord channels

Active Project